Blood Moon

When I saw that blood red moon
I saw it once before in a dream where
I felt you near me, the angel of death, I abhor.
Never have I feared you since I knew you’d come
someday to claim my gruesome body that has flown astray.
A thousand tears and pleadings is why that moon is red;
it tis a living symbol of all the blood you’ve shed.
Add me NOT I ask you, for I don’t plead you see,
God sent you here to take me and with him I do agree.
For I have toiled and tarried and crawled upon life’s road
and all I’ve found is falsehood, a despair I’ve always known.
And now the light of heaven has finally seen my frame, beaten
worn and tired of this pathetic game.
Spare me angel of darkness and fear not my disdain,
for adore I do that you have come to end my life and pain.



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