Salem’s Witches

Nineteen of Salem’s Witches,
I think of only one, the wife,
the woman, the heroine from whom
I’m proud I’ve sprung.
Alas! A cruel statement, three girls who
to you accused, you and your two sisters
of witchcraft as your muse.
Curses, potions and magic spells was their
vile claim, what they hoped that they would
spark, what did they hope to gain?
To take your life and smash it like a Mellon
upon a stone? To take your beaten body
and bite it to the bone?
That pathetic congregation, those
deranged men of the church, believed
such wild fancies and took them straight
to court and you and nineteen others
were the unlucky ones you see; for the
religious zealots and paranoid insane refused
to set you free.
Yet you stubborn as ever, continued to stand
your ground, stating that you are innocent
when all the people round…must have looked
in awe and horror as those vicious girls remained
acting out their demonic fits so that their lies
Forgiving and so willing you were to dismiss, the
souls who hung a noose around you, when vengeance
I would kiss.
Even when the end came and your fate was sealed,
you retained your dignity and your pride, your spirit they couldn’t kill.
Now I’m thinking of you Mary Easty dear and aware I am that
my cowardly soul to you does not compare.
You were ne’er witch nor wizard, no demon of any kind
you were the truest Christian God could ever find.
You retained your innocence, you retained your pride
and when your world fell apart you pardoned them before
you died.
I however stand here descended of your seed and curse and
spit I do those girls who took your life away.
I shall never pardon them, never will I dismiss and I curse
their memory everyday I ponder it. They are the witches
of Salem and suffered I hope they did from the guilt of the
evil games they played and the gallons of blood they split.
I hope that they had suffered, a vicious, nagging pain which
would reflect their filthy souls in which the devil gave.
In hell I hope I see them and then vengeance I will hold, for
the agony that they caused so many years ago.


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Filed under Poetry (Ages 12 to 15)

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