Banba Called To Me

And Banba called to me,
those vibrant flashes of green.
That ancient Isle I’ve never seen,
the sacred soil my feet hath ne’er been.
A mysterious path I’m bound to tread, or so
the ancient souls have said. My youthful
visions never hid; alas the truth has been said.

Sicknesses so rich, so old, to myself were
spread from yea, spiritsĀ  who’ve roamed before me.
Are you the ones watching over thee?
You’re the one I’ve seen, before the pain, before the scream;
It is your face I always see.
Is it to me you are assigned, a message you send to the divine?
Is there some mission I’m meant to find?
Is there a reason of which I’m blind?
Why do you forever wrap me with fear?
To remind me that death draws near, a call my ears
refuse to hear?

Celtic Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~


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