Death Penalty

Have you looked into victims eyes,
their blood was shed, the tears they cried.
Those responsible deserve to die!
Forget all mercy, abandon blind belief,
those who did it ne’er should share relief…
or bask off those who’ve they’ve caused
Why should life be granted when a another
they have maimed, cast aside like animals
shoved low and forced upon them shame.
The not “criminally responsible”, the
“young offenders act” are laws that get monsters
off, they’re laws that’s full of crap!
Human hands that hurt another is all I see when
done, and justice should be taken to rid the world
of scum. The rapists and the pedophiles the ones
beyond repair, they’re on a path with no redemption
this world doesn’t want them here.
Why should we value their lives, higher then
a babe, the one he raped until she bled and
forever left her maimed?
It has been asked why return the evil cruelty that’s
been shown, but why shan’t justice prevail-be known?
Hasn’t the killer made his decision by taking a life and
sending souls to prison???
He gave up his freedom with his willing scheme
and now its our right to watch his body bleed.
The worthless, the heartless the low of the low
blood justice shall be served with his corpse rotting


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Filed under Poetry (Ages 12 to 15)

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