Mother’s Ode (A Series of Poems Volume One)

And when I hear your voice…I sing to God
for an angel he has brought.
Whenever you are near my dear, I feel so warm and safe
from fear.

And here I am the child you’ve known still unchanged
and under-grown…forever Mammy I’ll be your own.
In my heart you are my home!

When you leave how much I cry…oh how I hate
to say goodbye. And even though you shall return
in my soul it does confirm I’ll go with you to the grave;
for on this earth I will NOT stay without thee!

Any goodness I have known has come with love from
thy bones and if you vanished and went away such kind,
grandness would flee from me. A bitter crone would be all
they’d see, a tyrants shadow, the devil’s kin…without your
hand they’d be all but sin!
You are my comfort-you are my joy!
You are the apple that gleams in sight…
you are the last I think at night.
And if I ever go away all I hope to God and pray
that my love won’t be forgotten, that my admiration for ye
shan’t have fallen.
You are the woman God has sent to ease my pain
and calm my laments.
This curse which heaven has given above it all an angel’s
risen.  A glimmer in the darkness, a call in the night when
confusion surrounds me…you find me a light!



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2 responses to “Mother’s Ode (A Series of Poems Volume One)

  1. I miss my mom… she passed on Oct 9th to breast cancer these words are somewhat of like kin to my own and I appreciate them. Peace be with you.

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