Fasting Song

When one is fasting
one feels pure within.
A sweet subtle redemption
releasing one from sin.
When one is fasting clarity begins,
and a soul begins to see there is
no beginning, there is NO end.
When one is fasting, you belong to
Him; the Master who created you
and frees you of your sins.
When one is fasting, this world
melts away and understanding
claims you that this earth will
fade away.
When one is fasting one seeks
God to forgive, the sins we’re
not aware of and yet did!
When one is fasting life becomes
whole, spiritual need awakens
and heaven becomes your goal.


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One response to “Fasting Song

  1. love this one,

    smart thinking….

    I would love to have you in poets rally week 33.
    let me know by leaving a link under my post.
    Thanks a ton.
    You are quite productive.
    beautiful poem!

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