Watching Us (age 12)

Here I am, love me! I have nothing to hide.
There is no one here to watch us as we fall in love inside.
Now look into my eyes and feel what I feel tonight.
Love is forbidden in more ways than one, but this love affair,
our love affair has only begun.
There is nothing like your kindness, your sweet and tender
touch, if only I could show you how much I really care.

Wait! I hear someone walking, walking to the door if they see
me in your arms, my family is at war!
Oh what can I do? I’ve jumped the queue, there is nothing for me
now. If I can’t have you tonight I’ll drown and my heart will be as silent as the grave.
We whisper in secret and kiss in dark corners, we are doing no wrong.
Our parents choose who we must marry, but they can’t command us to love.

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Filed under Poetry (from ages 12 to 15)

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