The Undisciplined Mind: An Essay

The modern human mind is one of the most undisciplined of the ages, or so it seems.
Long ago ones thoughts were separate from ones actions when now they have molded together and have become one and the same.
This is obviously unhealthy and in my opinion unnatural because to think doesn’t necessarily mean to do. 

I have done experiments now and then out of curiosities sake by typing down the sickest things I can think of on confession sites or by comments on You-tube and again and again I was surprised by the responses I received since none of them doubted my word; quite the contrary in fact I was not only believed but replied to with comments like “Get help before you hurt someone or yourself” or “You’re going to be a serial killer someday” when I never even suggested that my “thoughts” were more than just that thoughts! Those kind of responses were the common theme and it fascinated me aswell as disturbed me that in these people’s minds to think such vile thoughts meant to act on them. Because apparently if it were they who were thinking those thoughts they would and because they would act upon them it forces me to pose the question…is the human race that undisciplined over their own mind? And if we are when did this occur, when religion became a laughing stock? When the “all about me attitude” came into existence? When has the silent, secretive thinking process become an action word? Here is what I believe.
The 21th century has headed off to a terrible start because our little theory of teaching our young “self-confidence” has back fired and created a massive generation of selfish, its all about me monsters who consume,consume,consume, and have never been taught to pace their stride or control themselves when it comes to their most animalistic desires. It would have been better to leave their self-esteem in the trash can and have them at the least lead more humble, grounded lives then inflating their egos to the point of absurdity.
This generation-generation Y I believed we have so lovingly named them have felt freer then any of our forefathers combined, with no oppression, hardships, starvation, survival, limitations they have learnt by their surroundings as well as the way some have been raised that everything is theirs and NOTHING is off-limits, not drugs, not sex, not food, NOTHING! And because of this influence their thoughts have become actions because every perverted thing they might conjure up is available to them somewhere with or without their parents permission.
They don’t have to develop self-control, discipline or even morals! Because the modern media presents that its okay to not have any sexual morality and that its just fine to sleep with any dirt that crawls past you-you can ever boast later on on Face-book that you did sleep with dirt after the fact and be proud of it. Its strange how what was once considered shameful acts such as teen pregnancy, sex before marriage, drug abuse, under-age drinking has been replaced with a sense of pride…when they should not be proud of their failures but so embarrassed about them that they slink into a dark pit and ruminate over them for years on end.

Why wouldn’t thoughts have eventually become one with the actions in the real world when no one has to deny their vices or feel guilt about them? Their wildest perversions are a reality somewhere and its only a matter of finding it. A fact that is very sad because such thoughts should remain just thoughts and never become actions but unfortunately they have and I hate to envision what a hellish future the next generation will have when ours is growing up with undisciplined minds.


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