The Girl In The Photograph

Look at the girl in the photograph;
Look at the expression on her face.
Those dim eyes you see aren’t glowing,
They’ve lost life’s sweet embrace.
Who is this girl in the photograph?
Held by her parents dear, imagine
The sorrow they’ve suffered,
they witnessed what they’ve feared.
What did her Mother call her when She was but a babe?
My darling angel, sweetest one, A gift my God has made?
I wish to know this child I see Who lost life’s fight.
I want to comprehend what was she once was like?
A passive calming person,
A nature so divine or was her soul so fiery that it resembled mine?
Did she wish to marry and Wed a man adored
or was her Mind too busy for matters of the heart?
It tis’ too late to know her, for her life This world stole but alas!
This girl In the photography-her name I wish To know!

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