English is the new Latin

The English language is the Latin of the modern world, because it is one of the most spoken and recognised languages in the world. Everyone speaks English and those who don’t speak it wish to do so, so that they can join the international work force. This mass common language however never happened by accident however and there are a few interesting things I’d like to point out here which is why I am writing this article.
Latin-The language of Rome and the language of one of the first super-powers of the world (so to speak.) Every Nation that that came under the control of the Roman Empire spoke firstly the language of their people and secondly Latin, the language of their conquerors. Why did these people know how to speak Latin when they themselves were not Roman? Because Latin like English was the language of Government and education and in order to climb the social latter and better yourself one must speak Latin.
Because Latin was such a largely understood language of ancient times (along with Greek) and I can say quite confidently that many people who were brought under “Roman protection” probably has some if not fluent understanding of it.
I am even inclined to believe that our Lord while on earth spoke Latin fluently because it mentions in the Bible that Jesus “spoke” with Pilate. It doesn’t say “translated through” but “spoke” with his own mouth to a Roman whom I doubt had any knowledge of Hebrew.
Because of this vast linguistic knowledge, word can spread quite quickly…from village to village and from Nation to Nation. Latin unlike many other ancient languages also had a written script which enabled people to document historical events and transport them over a large amount of space. This perfect storm didn’t happen by accident.
In fact I believe it was created for a purpose…The purpose being that a common language within the world would allow the Gospel of Christ to spread through Jew and Gentile like wild-fire and it did spread very quickly and efficiently through the preaching of the Apostles and others like them. The common language at the time though-Latin is what allowed this to happen and it was for this very purpose Latin was such a common and wide-spread language.
The Empire it belonged to though-Rome was an evil and idolatrous nation. It’s perversion stretched from the Senate to the peasants on the street. Its greed, gluttony and sexual immorality I believe was close to resembling Sodom and Gomorrah…and that is the reason why it fell and was handed over to the Germanic tribes of the North, the Goths, Visigoths and others. I am sure that the day the world heard that their Tyrant was no more shouts of joy could be heard in the heavens…freedom had come again to the world, their enslaver has been enslaved by a Nation that was never conquered by them.
Latin now (although studied) is an extinct language. It fell into ruin and became no more along with the Empire from which it originally came. Only for another language to develop and become a dominant force within the world and that would be English. Whose very origins stem from the people who plummeted Rome. The Germanic tribes.
I doubt that many people give much thought to the history of this little linguistic tale but I find it quite interesting and wish to bring it to note.
The Celtic and Germanic people (which are one and the same) dominated North Western Europe for as long as time began (or should I say since Babel happened.) I won’t go into this evolution/monkey rubbish because that is all an invention of a truly lost and spiritually void man.
These Celtic/Germanic people even though divided by dialectal difference and Clans…they were genetically one people. These people although at war with one another quite often in the end united in order to fight Roman rule in their countries. The Celts (or Gauls) of modern day France were over-taken by Julius Caesar. What he wanted from that country is beyond me but I’m not discussing what motives he had for conquering Gaul…but merely acknowledging that he did. I read later on that Gauls even when under Roman authority were never trusted in Rome and that people considered them to be an “untamed nation”. Untamed meaning that they wanted their freedom.
The Germanic tribes although known to Rome and whom the Romans fought were a people largely untouched by Latin influence. I heard somewhere that the borders of Rome ended once they reached Germany and there literally was a road (all roads lead to Rome etc..e.tc..) that stopped and lead on into the never ending forests of German territory. Because of this European nations went on developing their cultures and languages without the influence of Roman culture and I can safely say that I am sure our Norse, Slav and far North Celtic ancestors never knew what a Roman was let alone fought them or spoke Latin.
These untouched people (so to speak) could not be converted to Christendom…through the Latin language and indeed they weren’t because Northern Europe were some of the last people of the Western world to be converted. The Vikings being pagan as late as the 10th century AD.
There clearly needed to be another common language that could be fluently understood by all people from every walk of life. This language would be English and even though in its infancy Old English would only have been understood and spoken by its speakers the Anglo-Saxons; It was to become the ancestor of English and the language of another super-power the British Empire whose borders (like Rome) spread across the world and whose language people strived to attain.
So here we have another vast, commonly spoken language with a written script in which the Gospel and truth of Jesus Christ can be spread. This cannot be ignored. The purposefulness of this. Latin was the language used to convert the ancient world as English will be the language used to convert the modern. Latin and Rome is dead…its influence is forgotten. English has taken over it the way the Germanic tribes took over Rome and it is through English that people will bring souls to God because it has become the Latin of the modern World and one of the most spoken languages of our time.
Written by Aubrae Bronach All rights reserved.

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